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Who We Are

Uniview is the pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance.Firstly introduced IP video surveillance to China, Uniview now is the third largest player in video surveillance in China. In 2018, Uniview has the 4th largest global market share.

When you start a career with us you’ll be joining an organization with breakthrough research and continuous reinvention and entrepreneurship to lead the market. We have always pushing the edge of high quality.We scrutinize every element and chip, carefully selected all materials. Each detail was meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted until products had the industry-leading quality.

Why Join Us

  • Equal opportunity

    Uniview values diversity. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color or any other protected class.

  • Professional Training

    Uniview provides employees with an occupational platform for personal development and value realization.
    And everybody who’s part of our team should be supported training to develop to their fullest potential.

  • Common Goal

    Working together with us, you’ll be part of a diverse global culture that creates a safer and better life. At Uniview we’ve always been driven to improve lives, innovate sustainably, create change.

Apply now for our positions below by sending your resume to [email protected]
(Please note your applied position & resident country in the email)

  • Uniview-Overseas Sales Manager

    Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the promotion of the company in overseas markets, including building product brands, expanding and maintaining customers;
    2. Responsible for project support and tracking of regional customers;
    3. Complete the overseas market sales target and collect the sales payment;
    4. Follow up the after-sales service of products and make sales forecast.

    Job Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, with professional background of engineering;
    2. Good at English communicating, reading and writing;
    3. More than one year sales experience in CCTV industry is preferred;
    4. Good at maintaining customer relations, strong business planning ability and practical ability;
    5. Adapt to work pressure, effectively grasp the work rhythm, work effectively.

  • Uniview-Overseas Technical Supporter

    Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for product promotion, technical support, solution application and brand promotion of video surveillance products in overseas markets;
    2. Predicting customers' invisible and non-invisible needs, and recommend excellent solutions for customers;
    3. Work with sales to provide pre-sales support to customers, help to maintain the relationship with customers from technical-support perspective;
    4. Tap the marketing demand, and timely feedback to HQ;
    5. Follow up the after-sales service, provide technical support to customers until the job is completely finished, summarize the job and report to HQ.

    Job requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, with professional background of engineering;
    2. Good at English or Chinese communicating, reading and writing;
    3. Fluent in English,good at spoken English;
    4. Follow commands from HQ withdiligent and self-disciplined personality and good learning ability;
    5. Experience in overseas security and video surveillance is preferred; Capable of operating overseas projects and market developing is preferred;

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