Management System
Management System
  • Quality Management

    Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd. (“Uniview”) is the first company to put forward "High Quality Security" and "Precision Manufacturing" in the video surveillance industry. We aim to match the standard in German industrial manufacturing. To improve customer satisfaction, we established a quality management system and have been strictly implementing ISO9001. Each part of our products was meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted until products had the industry-leading quality.

  • Environmental Management

    Uniview is aware of that we must take the responsibility of environmental protection. We implement the ISO14001 environmental management system. And we are devoted to reducing energy consumption and emission of pollutant by applying the environmental protection packing design and the green supply chain. We promote green living, concern about the living environment, and care for green homes.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management

    Uniview attaches great importance to the occupational health and safety management of our employees. By introducing and applying OHSAS18001 system, targeting and reducing the dangerous sources in workplace, Uniview provides employees with an occupational platform for personal development and value realization.

  • R&D Capability Maturity

    Uniview is the first enterprise in the industry to pass CMMI level 5.
    CMMI is the capability maturity model integration, which represents the company's R&D capability. The implementation of CMMI can improve the management level, reduce the engineering cost and improve the product quality. Uniview has always pushing the edge of high quality.

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