Uniview Presents New Products and Technologies at SICUREZZA 2019

On November 15th, SICUREZZA 2019 came to a successful conclusion in Milano, Italy. Uniview brought a full range of product lines, solutions together with Advanced Innovations Srl and Eurotek who is our distributors in Italy.

SICUREZZA is a very important exhibition in Italy held every two years. We insist on bringing a complete product line, including IPC, NVR, VMS, Switch, Network cable, Hard disk, and Led video wall to our customers. Uniview’s products were met with great enthusiasm and brand awareness is continuously increasing. The tailor-made products and the complete solutions showcased cutting-edge security technology and the strictest quality. Let see the highlight of this show.

4K Resolution: details and quality

With 4K display resolution combined with Ultra265 technology, Uniview camera can significantly increase the recognition of details. The NVR can not only connect 4K camera and record, but also can perfectly display it on the 4K monitors. Users can enjoy four times higher display resolution than the normal 1080P.

EasyStar series: entry level starlight

EasyStar series support a new smart function – human body detection, which can detect the human body in image to trigger alarm. It uses a starlight sensor with entry level starlight function.

LED Video Wall

Uniview displayed a led video wall solution, using high-quality lamp bead providing better color range, wider viewing angle and longer life. As a professional small pixel pitch manufacturer, Uniview has more than 100 dedicated R&D staff for LCD/LED developing and quality control, and provide various models covering from P1.2 P1.4 P1.6 P1.8 and etc.

USB Recovery Tool

Firmware would be easily damaged if the device is powered off when upgrading, or if the flash memory encountered a problem. Uniview provides emergency recovery tools which can help users easily recover the firmware with only one USB flash disk.

Besides the new products and technologies above, it is the first time we showed the Uniarch brand in an overseas exhibition. It is a good beginning of our sub-brands and we believe it will also see rapid and widespread development just like UNV brand. We firmly believe that Uniview will achieve more in the future in the market in Italy.

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