Uniview Opened the New Branch Office in Indonesia

December 12th, 2019 - Uniview, a leading global manufacturer of professional video surveillance devices and solutions, is pleased to announce that the Uniview Indonesia branch office is opening. The office, located at Soho Capital Office Kav. 28, 20th Floor Unit 02, Letjen S. Parman Street, West Jakarta, Jakarta. The opening represents the company’s strong commitment to the Indonesia market and speaks to its rapid growth in Indonesia.

Founded in 2011, Uniview Technologies now is the third largest video surveillance manufacturer in China and the 4th largest globally. Unlike the other big Chinese manufactures Uniview is first and foremost a networking company and that networking core makes Uniview’s take on the CCTV market rather different from those of its competitors.

Uniview has certainly grown fast – our revenues have grown 13 times since we were founded in 2011. R&D is important for our future success in the CCTV market – every year there are major advances in technology and we must keep up. The speed of change in the market is so rapid that after 3 years the latest technology has been superseded. Our aim is to become a global leader in the video surveillance industry which endeavors to build a safer world by providing professional, reliable and cutting-edge products and services.

Currently, UNV products are being used in 145 countries and regions. In order to deliver more in-time sales and services, 12 international subsidiaries and branch offices were established, and there will be more in the future. The newly established Tongxiang Manufacturing Base located in China is able to produce 10 million pieces of devices per year. Together with 4 warehouses in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia, a global logistics network is set up quickly.

In this happy month, as Christmas and new year coming, we are here together to witness the opening of Uniview Indonesia office. We all know that Indonesia’s economy is developing rapidly. There is no doubt Uniview will invest more resources into Indonesia market. And with the extensive growth, the need of the local office has become more and more significant. Uniview creates value by high quality, promotes value by innovation and shares value by working together with global partners. Uniview is marking a further step to get closer to our partners with faster and more localized service and support. After the establishment of Uniview Indonesia Office, Uniview will be able to better stick to its customer-oriented strategy, focusing on building a consistent and stable market structure, protect the pricing system, and provide more customized technology and solutions to meet different customer needs. And what most important thing is that we are more pleasured to gather more partners who are willing to get stronger with Uniview, we appreciate to support our customers over the years.  Please trust that you will be the big winner with Uniview.

Uniview always thinks ahead. To create the tough enough product to conquer every unfavorable environment, and sensible enough product to adapt to complicated light and network conditions, we pioneered innovative technologies in products research and development. Uniview will always insist on high quality and innovation, trying to provide the best price and good user experience for our customers. We would always put our partners’ benefit in the core position. We do have the strong confidence that Uniview will be fully recognized by global valued customers as the manufacturer of advanced and applicable solutions. And opening of new branch office in Indonesia is the first step.

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