Omdia: Uniview Ranked 4th in the Global Video Surveillance Market

Market research organization Omdia (originally the international research firm IHS Markit) released the "2020 Global Intelligent Video Surveillance Information Service Report" (VSAIS 2020). Based on its performance in 2019, Uniview ranked fourth in the global intelligent video surveillance market. The report replaced the statistics of traditional security with intelligent security for the first time. Uniview stepped into the IP and intelligent markets very early and led the large scale deployment of “Security + AI”. It has been changing positively for five consecutive years on the list, successively surpassing the enterprises from US, Germany, South Korea and Japan, rising continuously from the 12th place in 2014, the 8th place in 2015, the 7th place in 2016 , the 6th place in 2017, and has been stable at the 4th place since 2018. Meanwhile, Uniview remains in 3rd place in the Chinese market.

According to the research agreement with Omdia, the detailed ranking of enterprises involved shall not be disclosed to the public. The total market share of the world's top 15 manufacturers is 66.4%, compared with 65.1% of the previous year, which shows that the market share continues to gather to the mainstream manufacturers. The specific situation is as follows:

- In the market of network security cameras, Uniview ranked the 3rd;
- In the back-end (encoder, recorders and VMS) market, Uniview ranked the 3rd;
- In the market of Linux-based storage devices (NVR/DVR, and hybrid storage devices), Uniview ranked the 3rd;
- In VMS platform market, Uniview ranked the 3rd;
- In the market of Servers, Storage and HCI, Uniview was the 4th largest manufacturer;
- In the standalone video analytics software market, Uniview ranked 3rd.

Omdia is a global leading technology research institution, which is a combination of Informa Tech research department (Ovum, Heavy Reading in the field of telecommunications, Tractica in the field of machine vision) and IHS Markit technology research department. The VSAIS annual report has been published for more than 10 years, and the integration and transformation of the consulting industry is reflected by institutional entities ranging from IMS and IHS Markit to Omdia. The statistics of intelligent security are in line with a new round of industry trends, involving traditional network cameras, Linux-based storage, VMS, video encoders, newly added external storage, and video analytics software sold separately without hardware binding.

Hermit Zhang, the president of Uniview, said: “We are pleased about Omdia's predictions and insights on industrial technology trends. In the past eight years (2011-2019), Uniview has broken through to become a world-class enterprise at the revenue scale and application technology level, and 90% of our IP cameras are AI cameras with intelligent functions. But at present, artificial intelligence has only replaced the word “artificial”. There’s still a long way in intelligent innovation. Taking machine learning as an example, it is mostly focused on people and vehicles, the front-end, back-end, and edge intelligence which are in a very narrow range. In the future, the real machine learning is to enter the whole spectrum and the whole natural state including animal bionics. In terms of organizational structure and innovation trial, Uniview is doing research work 5 to 10 years ahead of time to support a trillion level global AIoT market.”

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