Success Cases
Securing Bobst Production Base in India

Globally, security is increasingly important. This is especially true in securing large production facilities which have multifaceted security needs. Today, video surveillance technologies are some of the most valuable, flexible, and affordable tools available to meet these critical security demands as well as provide a clear security picture.

Bobst is one of the world’s leading suppliers of substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated industries. Founded in 1890 by Joseph Bobst in Lausanne, Switzerland, BOBST has  a presence in more than 50 countries, runs 14 production facilities in 8 countries and employs more than 5,600 people around the world. The biggest production facility in India is located at Maharashtra state. This manufacturing plant’s surveillance is using UNV high-end products and technological solutions.

Bobst chose Uniview for their vast experience in complex situations and for their technologically superior products. For the Bobst production base, Uniview provided both products and solutions. In this application, all boundary walls are monitored by 4MP PTZ dome cameras which feature auto tracking, patrol and presets, and 150 ~ 200m IR for clear and crisp image quality even at night.

5MP bullet cameras featuring motorized zoom are monitoring entry-exit points. Devices applied at the main entrance are using ANPR with third party software to activate a traffic barrier for authorized entries and block persons and vehicles who are unauthorized or on a blacklist.

“After we installed UNV products, we have been able to work with higher efficiency and have a safe and secured environment due to using manufacturing process monitoring and property security. Products from Uniview are excellent in quality. The system integrator and partners of Uniview have done a remarkable and appreciable installation of the products in scheduled time,” said Security Department Operator of Bobst, “We are definitely looking forward to implement this type of solution using Uniview CCTV products in all of our offices and manufacturing plants all over India in the future. We will also recommend Uniview to other offices and plants all over the globe.”

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