Success Cases
Uniview Protects SW Car Supermarket in the UK

SW Car Supermarket, a large multi-site used car dealer in Peterborough (UK) with thousands of cars in stock, wanted a robust CCTV monitoring system that would not only help it protect new sites, monitor sites from a central location, but also deter growing car crimes.

DDS, the UNV distributor, together with installation companies offered a comprehensive demonstration of the UNV product range.UNV products were selected due to quality, performance and the ongoing technical support offered.

This new site has a combination of 8MP PTZ, 8MP Fisheye, and 5MP StarView cameras together with 64 channel NVRs. There are 70 cameras, 2 monitoring stations on site and central monitoring from headquarters.


1. LightHunter – Get out of the dark with Starview+ Series Cameras
UNV outdoor box camera with low light can deliver colorful and clear images in low light conditions. Clearer image, clearer car plate number, and less blur help customers protect the campus even in the night.

2. Fisheye – 360°protect
360°panoramic image is a good choice for the car supermarket. You can achieve Panoramic surveillance with fewer cameras. Also the function of built-in mic and real-time sync video audio also enhanced interactivity with our customers.

3. UNV Powerful NVR
UNV NVR with efficient storage is very powerful and flexible. It can save up to 75% bandwidth and storage space. And 10TB HDD means the storage time can up to 3 years under H.265

Uniview has been dedicated to the surveillance industry for years. Our accumulated experience and knowledge on varied campus scenes, and comprehensive, flexible, efficient, and affordable campus surveillance solutions can be applied to all kinds of campus-related surveillance scenes. In terms of special applications, Uniview can also provide support solutions.

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