Success Cases
InterContinental Hotel in Bucharest, Romania

InterContinental was the first major five-star hotel in Romania and tallest building of Bucharest for more than 40 years since its 1971 opening. It located in Bucharest City-Centre, and next to University Square and National Theater. Nowadays, InterContinental Hotel is the landmarks of Bucharest and the city view could be saw at the Club Lounge of hotel on the 21st floor.

As one of the most luxury hotels in the country, InterContinental is welcomed by political leaders and stars from all over the world, which means the hotel has the highest standards of security system. With outstanding quality and convincing features, InterContinental has chosen Uniview from several most popular brands to upgrade the current CCTV System in 2019. Uniview provided a complete video surveillance solution with more than one hundred 4K cameras and 128-channels recorders. The UNV new solution is used to replace the previous security solution from other company which was too old to fulfill the ever-growing requirements.


1. Providing a complete 4K HD resolution solution to ensure extremely clear visual effects. The high end 4K cameras including bullets, domes, fisheyes and PTZs, will help to secure the whole hotel with multiple features.

2. The video surveillance solution uses NVR516-128 which has outstanding ability to record and decode with professional hardware design. And it also is integrated with other managing, storing, and transferring functions.

3. All of UNV network cameras are featured with Ultra 265 compression technology which is exclusively released by Uniview. Ultra 265 technology could save up to 75% storage compared to H.264, which drastically save the hard disk cost.

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