Success Cases
Uniview Products Effectively Protect Voltamp Energy SAOG, Oman

Voltamp Energy SAOG is a leading manufacturer based in Oman engaged in design, engineering, assembly, marketing and servicing Transformers up to 500 MVA 220 KV class, medium & low voltage switchgear and package substations. To make sure all production activities were performed in a safe environment, Uniview offered a CCTV solution to Voltamp, providing greatly enhanced visibility of the production processes.


Voltamp Energy SAOG is a world-class factory, which includes an area of 14,500 sq. m. Because of its vast size, improved factory management was a primary objective for the facility. Uniview provided a comprehensive video surveillance solution for Voltamp which included 143 cameras and 2 NVR516. More specifically, IPC 2322EBR5-DUPZ-C was chosen to adapt to variable applications. The Uniview solution can perfectly monitor key areas in the factory and can be monitored live on multiple screens at the same time. So no matter what happened, the security staff can take immediate action.


? IPC: IPC2322EBR5-DUPZ-C has super starlight functions. Starlight captures objects in low light conditions, and greatly reduces smearing and ensure both static and moving objects can be seen clearly.

? System stability: The NVR 516-128 supports a maximum of 128 cameras playing live at the same time. With the hot-swap function, the damaged disk could be replaced directly on the power-on condition, which significantly simplifies the system maintenance procedures. 

? User-friendly: With Uniview CCTV system, work staff can monitor all of the key areas in a control room, even remotely monitor the surveillance video conveniently using a system that is easy to use and operate.

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