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Uniview Guards Nepal's First Safe City

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal which has a history of over 1,200 years. It’s the largest metropolis in Nepal, with a population of 5 million people. Nepal's only International Airport is in Kathmandu, and is the entry point to Nepal for all the tourists and passengers traveling to Nepal by air.  Uniview delivered security and surveillance solutions to it and has joined hands with Metropolitan City Office to enhance the safety and security level of the city.

As early as September 2016, Uniview launched the first phase of Kathmandu safe city construction, and deployed video surveillance products in the main road of urban center. This is Nepal's first safe cities project, and customers are satisfied with Uniview’s high-quality service and products. Due to the trust and satisfaction of the initial cooperation, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office invited Uniview to join the new phase of the safety safe city construction.

On the basis of the original urban security construction, Uniview expanded video surveillance coverage,UNV PTZ Cameras and FIX Cameras camera have been installed in the different sites that include tourist area, religious places, security sensitive areas, industrial areas, busy main city area, bus parks etc. This solved the need of Kathmandu Metropolitan police for video surveillance coverage of the city.

In Kathmandu, Uniview guards not only the world heritage site Kathmandu Durbar Square, but also state government agencies such as the country's administrative hub, Prime Minister's Residence, Residence and office, Parliament House and the key industrial base Balaju Industrial District.


1.Ultra 265: All series of UNV network cameras are integrated advanced video compression technology H.265 together with self-developed compression technology which is called U-code to reduce up to 95 % bandwidth.

2. PTZ Auto tracking: PTZ can track the target what you want to check automatically.

Uniview is the global TOP 4 manufacturer of professional video surveillance devices and solutions. It committed to meeting different market requirements and creating value for customers.

UNV,Empower The Future.

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