Airside includes departure and arrival area, baggage claiming area, aircraft maintenance area, freight area, flight area and service area. To guarantee the safety, it requires video surveillance system and management to be effective and efficient.


Alarm Linkage & PTZ

  • Integrate with 3rd party alarm devices
  • PTZ dome will turn to the preset position when an alarm is triggered by 3rd party alarm devices

Optical Defog X44 PTZ Dome Camera

  • X44 PTZ dome camera, starlight, HLC
  • Support optical defog

No Defog

Optical Defog

Super Starlight

  • F1.2 aperture lens and Sony STARVIS image sensor
  • Produce colorful video images under ultra-low light conditions (0.0005Lux) without losing details

Super Starlight

Common Starlight

1+1 Fiber Sharing

  • UNV network cameras support abundant network interfaces – optical fiber port, RJ45 port
  • Remote camera access with optical fiber port
  • Support 1+1 fiber sharing which saves cable


Panoramic Camera

  • 4*8MP (4*2MP) multi-lens network camera
  • 180 degree panoramic view

High Ratio Optical Zoom

  • Long distance monitoring
  • Up to 55X optical zoom, 300mm+ motorized lens

Working Area

PIR Alarm

  • With PIR function integrated inside, UNV cameras are suitable to monitor important areas at night
  • Built-in white light, capture colored image when strangers intruding
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