Solution Background

According to the survey, 80% of world trade is carried out by sea. Since the seaport includes both seaside and inland areas, two completely different and complex topographies, make huge challenges to the security of seaport. A professional video surveillance plays an important role in seaport security.

Uniview has been dedicated to video surveillance industry for years, accumulated much experience and knowledge in varied seaport projects. Uniview now present a comprehensive seaports surveillance solution which can be applied to all kinds of seaports surveillance project.

Challenges and Solutions


  • Video surveillance in long distance and huge scene areas
  • Protect goods and facilities against possible damages
  • Control incoming truck traffic
  • Need to quickly locate & inspect emergency


  • Apply high-resolution optical zoom or panoramic technology to camera
  • No-blind spot HD video surveillance around the clock
  • Entrances & parking lot management
  • Easy-to-use VMS with multiple functions helps to locate emergency quickly

Seaport Scenarios

Solution Topology

Case Reference

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